Erlanger MRI Addition


Project Information

This expansion to diagnostic radiology occurred in the front yard of EHS providing three MRI suites on one level and administrative offices on the ground level. As a result, the MRI addition presented numerous challenges both inside and outside. The project had to be extended to create an interior sky-lit courtyard and supported on a structure that was carefully designed to avoid conflicts related to magnetic fields and functionality. The exterior had to harmonize with the architecture of the existing building without looking like an “add-on”. A ground floor covered plaza that related to the existing courtyard solved both problems.

Inside, the new MRI suite had to be designed to work with the required patient and staff flow in spite of being constrained in its location. The equipment itself had to be structurally, acoustically, and electrically isolated from the vibration and noise of a busy street and the interference of nearby functions necessary to serve other hospital departments.